Monday, September 22, 2014

Interior Design Trends 2014

With Pinterest and social media, design trends come and go as fast as ever.
Lucky for us, many trends this year are quite classy and won't necessarily scream "trendy."
Here's a few that I'm really loving...

Black and white. 
Whether it's home exteriors, wall paint, or decor, this classic color combo is all the rage right now.
I love the contrast that a little black can add to any room, but paired against some crisp white walls, it's even better. 

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Blue, specifically Navy Blue. 
Navy will always be timeless, but it's really on display this year. I'm loving navy walls and navy velvet pillows or upholstery, but you can really add this classic hue anywhere! 

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Natural and blonde wood tones.
I'm always a sucker for dark wood floors and let's face it, rich wood tones will never go out of style, whether it's furniture or flooring, but I'm loving the lighter woods that give a Scandinavian feel. 
And bonus, you won't be mopping your floor daily to keep away the dusty footprints ;) 

Traditional furniture styles. 
Although modern furnishings are still ever popular, designers are getting back to basics and 
using more traditional furniture pieces to anchor designs. 

Mixing metals.
Mixing metal finishes makes keeping your home updated, much more affordable. 
Instead of feeling like you have to deck your entire home in the latest brass/gold trend, you can add a little here and there along with more classic finishes, such as chrome, and it's totally ok! It looks great and adds interest!

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  1. I love the black and white look in homes. You can add colors for each season or holiday. And the mixed metals are beautiful! I've seen jewelry in mixed metals and I love it!