Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Favorite Finds at Swiss Days

If you've never been to Swiss Days you're missing out! 
Go here for more info if you don't know what this shin dig is all about.
It's always held over Labor Day weekend in Midway,
Utah and it's a great place to do Christmas shopping,
or just find some goodies for yourself :), eat good food, and have a girls day out! 

Here's my favorite finds from this year...

a fun booth filled with Saltwaters for kids and adults, headbands, bow ties, and suspenders. 
I picked up these suspenders for Ames and some sandals for myself.
I don't see the suspenders listed in their Etsy shop but I'm sure you could private message them to see about ordering some. 

Upcycling old wood into cute and quirky home decor and signs is what Salty Bison is all about.
I didn't get anything from this shop this year, but I picked up a cute sign last year, similar to the one pictured below but different colors. It's packed away and I can't wait until I can pull it out and put it in Ames' new room

Quality camera straps is what this shop has in store. I picked up one in a fun Aztec print
that unfortunately isn't available on her Etsy shop, but there are definitely lots of fun fabrics to choose from. There's also a nifty little pocket to hold your lens cap. 

These fun braided headbands work with any length of hair. After I cut off my long hair I had limited options for different hair styles and this headband definitely gives me some fun new options. 
The only thing I don't love is the yarn material. I feel like it would hold up better over time if it were made of a knit cotton, but overall the idea is genius! I'm thinking about making one for myself out of knit. 

The ever popular baby moccasin. 
These really are the best because they stay on, they're soft and comfortable, and Ames doesn't pull them off like other shoes. They are more expensive than most baby shoes, so I just buy one pair in a neutral color that Ames can wear with pretty much everything until he grows into the next size. 
I love my Sophie Katie moccasins, which are a little cheaper than these, but this shop also sells great quality for a pretty good price. They don't currently have any in their shop, but they also make an adorable oxford style soft sole baby shoe.

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  1. Love it! I miss all the fun festivals and town events back in the Utah Valley area. And that picture of Ames at the top is ADORABLE!