Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10 Months

10 crazy fast months have gone by with this munchkin!
Here's what's been up this month...
- 2 new teeth (7 total now)
- crawling, climbing, and standing
- lots of jibber jabber. He loves to make "sssss" sounds like a snake 
and say da da, although he obviously doesn't know what it means yet. 
- as his hair grows in we've noticed he's got some curl going on in the back
- loves his binky
- has really taken an interest in books. His favorites are the touch and feel books.
- has become a great eater. favorites are yogurt and peaches
- gets in to everything! 
Loves to take the covers off the floor air vents, play in the dog dish, pull the books off the shelf, unroll the toilet paper, etc. 
- wearing 12-18 mo. clothes, size 4 diapers, and still hates getting dressed or diaper changed
- loves dogs
-made his first bite marks on the crib 
- learned to wave

* I found this little green chair at an antique store in Iowa before Ames was born. My mom noticed it even says it was made in Iowa on the bottom. A little momento from his birthplace that will find a home in his new room. 

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