Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shoes & Hats

Look at that face. I could kiss it all day. The Bubbs got his first baseball hat this week. 
Of course with Landon as his father we are teaching him young to be a BYU fan. 
To my surprise, he actually keeps it on his head. 

Our challenge this week is trying to find a solution to this kid wetting through his diapers every night. 
We've tried the 12 hour diapers and he still wets through those. The past two nights we've been doubling up with a cloth diaper over the top of his disposable. Tomorrow I think I'll try buying a size up in the 12 hour ones and see how that goes. Any of you had this problem and found a good solution? I'm all ears. It's resulting in this kid waking up in the middle of the night soaking wet every night. 
But like I've said before, seeing that cute face the next morning seems to wipe the slate clean. :) 

We've also been doing lots of swinging on the porch swing in the backyard. I love it because it puts Ames in a trance and he'll relax and snuggle a bit. 

We made a trip to Scheel's this week to pick up gear for Landon's Alaska trip 
and we all ended up going home with a little something. Ames got his baseball hat and I got these amazing sandals. They are Sanuk Yoga Slings and they are the most comfy sandals ever!
 The straps are made from jersey yoga sling material and the soles are made from yoga mat material.
At $38 they are a little pricey for flip flops, but they are worth every penny! 

Finally, here's a few pics from the latest wedding I did. That cascading bouquet was a beast to make. 
Originally, cascading bouquets back in the day were always made with a foam holder, but I'm not a fan. Too tacky for me. I don't mind a good cascading bouquet as long as it has a modern twist to it and is hand tied. But like I said, they are a beast to make. Getting the shape right, holding it in one hand for a good hour and not taping at all until the end results in a serious hand cramp. :) 

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  1. We had the same problem with Leah soaking through everything every night. We bought a size up of the 12hr and doubled up too. It's insane, but that did the trick. Hope you find a solution, it's yuck, and annoying!