Saturday, July 5, 2014

On The Move

Ames is officially on the move! 
(my video won't upload, but you can see it on Instagram)
He's got the inchworm/army crawl down and he's working on 
the hands and knees. He'll get up up on them and rock back and forth and move his legs a little but he hasn't figured out how to coordinate his arms at the same time yet. He'll just collapse and do what we call the head plow. 

He's also got two more teeth popping through! This time on the top. One has already come down and we can feel the other one getting ready to. This has resulted in some very "fun" sleeping habits. 
By about 2-3 months he was sleeping through the night (10-12 hours) and now that the fun stage of teething has begun, he's started waking once a night. I'm grateful it's only once, but it's still frustrating none-the-less since we've gotten used to sleeping again at night. I can't help but instantly forgive him in the morning though when he wakes up with that charmer smile of his. God really did make babies so cute for a reason :) 

This week Ames also had his first 4th of July, has finally started enjoying baby food (his favorite is apple/blueberry/spinach), and got his first bumps and bruises on his head. Now that he's mobile these will be the first of many I'm sure! Time to baby proof the house! 

Loving the swing at Wow and Papa's House

He left those sunglasses on forever! I thought he would immediately rip them off, but I think he liked it! :) He's also finally started putting his binkie back in on his own (instead of screaming for me to do it) and he always puts it in upside down. Love this kid. ha ha.

 Landon and I are usually never up to anything as exciting as Ames. 
We have been enjoying some fresh veggies from our parent's gardens though. 
Can't wait until we can plant our own next year!
Fresh peas are seriously the most addicting thing. 
And there's nothing better than a fresh garden tomato. 

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