Saturday, July 19, 2014

Living Area Plans

Here's a list of the furniture we have to furnish our new house...

Queen bed
Dresser for Ames' room
Glider & ottoman
Small sofa & ottoman
TV/Media Console
Desk & Chair
Cube Shelf 

A pretty short list. 

So I've definitely been dreaming up plans
for what furniture I want to eventually purchase
to make up for the holes we have,
such as a dining table and chairs, barstools, nightstands,
a dresser for the master, and a larger sofa for the living area.
The sofa we have now just isn't enough seating
and the scale is too small for the new space.
Obviously building a new house isn't cheap
so I will SLOWLY be furnishing our new place.
But it's still fun to make plans for what I want it to eventually look like. 

Here's what I've come up with for the living area
that is just off the kitchen and dining area.
I already own the tufted ottoman, and ignore the bland tan sectionals.
The fabric I'm actually thinking of doing for the sectional,
is the navy and white woven-looking swatch seen in the background.
 I'm still deciding on a rug option,
but you can see some of my favorite I'm choosing from, here.
Overall I want my home to be a pretty neutral color scheme,
but have lots of texture and interesting design details.
Then I want to add punches of color with artwork
and maybe some accessories or pillows here and there.
This even surprises myself because I'm such a lover of color,
but I also change my mind a lot,
so it's better for me to have a more neutral base to work around,
so I can change it up a little every now and then without redoing everything. 

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