Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lake Powell 2014

Another annual Lake Powell trip has come and gone. 
This was a first for Ames though. 
I was definitely nervous about taking him mostly because
 I was afraid he wouldn't sleep well and wake everyone up 
and then be whiney and ornery the whole trip 
from the heat and lack of sleep, but boy was I wrong! 
He did awesome and slept better than he does at home! 
We only went for 3 days because we had my friend's wedding 
and didn't want to plan on the full week in case Ames didn't do well. 
After it went so well though, we wished we could have been down there longer. 
3 days just isn't long enough. Especially not long enough to get my yearly tan :) 

Also big news, our house plans are with the city,
so we will hopefully have a building permit in 2-4 weeks. 
So sometime in July they will start digging! I can't wait for them to start 
so we can see the progress as it comes together. 

Ames hasn't been up to anything too new lately. 
He is getting closer and closer to crawling.
It's crazy to see how far he can get just from 
inching along the floor and rolling though.

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