Sunday, June 8, 2014

June Already !?

Wow, I swear May was only a week long. 
Where does the time go!? 

We haven't been up to much of anything new lately, 
except for Ames, who seems to change daily. 
He now loves to drink from cups. 
If he sees anyone drinking from one he reaches out for it. 
The first time he wanted to try it I figured he'd pretty much just give himself a bath, 
but he's actually pretty good at it. He even managed to suck a little from a straw.
 I know, crazy proud mom moments that most of you could probably care less about :) 

Ames also has 2 teeth that have come through on the bottom. 
They're pretty cute but early teething is not the greatest for a nursing mom   
He's still getting the hang of how to use those chompers. :) 
You can see a little peek of them in this picture...

I'm definitely nervous for this kid to start crawling which is on the horizon.
He is already such a busy body and rolls over constantly. 
This makes getting him dressed or doing diaper changes quite interesting 
and sometimes frustrating. 
He's got the hang of pushing his knees up under him and pushing up on his hands, 
but hasn't quite put the two together yet. 

We went up to Landon's family cabin over the weekend and Ames was loving all
the attention from his cousins. I have to say that boys are definitely underrated babysitters.
He couldn't ask for more attention and entertainment. 

While we were at the cabin, we also decided that we need to buy a hammock. 
Ames LOVED it!
He would totally relax and be as calm as ever whenever we would lay in it with him. 

We've taken Ames on a couple weekend vacations since he's been born, 
and having my own kid has made me realize how much work it is to go on vacations with kids. Parents definitely do it for their children to have fun memories and experiences, because if it wasn't for that, vacations with kids would not be worth all the work they entail. You pretty much need a vacation after your vacation. 

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