Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY Moss Initial

Preparations are in full swing for my best friend's wedding this Saturday!
I'm so excited to be doing her flowers and can't wait to see it all come together. 
You may remember her bridal picture bouquet I posted about here.

As part of the sign in table decor, I created this moss initial that I'll do a little floral accent on and  hang with ribbon. These babies can be expensive to buy pre made so I put my DIY skills to the test and decided to make my own. It cost me a whopping $14 to make! It will cost you a good $50 if not more to buy one on Etsy. 

Here's a little tutorial if you want to try your hand at making one yourself...

Supplies :

- Moss Sheet
I purchased this at Michael's. It's precut and packaged in a 14"x48" sheet.
One was plenty to do a 24" initial.

- Large Piece of Cardboard 
I used a leftover crib box I happened to have which worked great, but a large moving box would probably work too. As long as it's big enough that you don't have to piece together the main front and back pieces. It's ok to piece the sides.

- Pencil
For tracing your initial onto the cardboard. 

- Ruler
to help layout and draw your initial

- Packing or Masking Tape
to piece together your initial

- Newspaper
to stuff your initial with 

- Scissors
to cut your cardboard and moss

- Hot Glue 
to glue on your moss


Start by tracing your letter two times onto the cardboard. I just drew mine by hand using a ruler, but if that scares you, you can have a large 24 inch block letter in the font of your choice printed at your local copy store. 
Then cut out the two letters and connect them on top of each other by taping small cardboard spacers throughout. (see in pictures above)
Your spacers will determine the thickness of your letter so you can do them whatever size you wish. Just make sure you have enough spacers so that your initial is supported well and won't collapse anywhere. 
Then cut pieces of card board to cover the sides and tape them on. There's no real science to this, and it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. Once you cover your initial with moss it will cover up any small imperfections. 
Before you cover all the sides, stuff a little newspaper here and there, in-between the spacers, to make your letter more sturdy. 
Finally, cut and piece your moss using the hot glue to attach it. You will have seams, but they can be easily blended together by pulling the moss here and there to cover them. On my sheet of moss there was a lot of extra moss falling off that I also used to hide my seams. 

It took me about 2-3 hours to make the whole thing, but it was definitely worth the finished product! Plus, the only thing I had to spend money on was the sheet of moss. 

This is a fun project for a wedding, but can also be a great accent for your front door or somewhere inside your home! 

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