Monday, June 16, 2014

7 Months

Today is 7 months for Ames!
Here's what he's up to...

- loves drinking out of cups
- not a fan of baby food
- is constantly rolling over
- always has to be busy
- favorite toy is his Little Einsteins radio 
and pretty much anything he can chew on 
- wearing 12 mo. clothes and size 3 diapers
- taller than his 10 month old friends
- Loves the water
- Hates getting dressed
- Is becoming very aware of Thor and smiles whenever he's around
- Loves being thrown in the air
- Has 2 teeth
- Sits up on his own
- Loves to kick his legs, jump in his activity jumper, 
and has a funny little one-legged stomp when he's standing up
- Still loves to be swaddled. We're working on that fun transition.
- Got his first little goose egg today from face planting into his toy
 while sitting on the floor.
I'm sure it's the first of many bumps and bruises to come!

Some of these aren't new to those of you who follow the blog regularly, 
but I figured I'd just sum up what he's been up to over the past month.

We sure love our bubber! He can always put a smile on our faces. 
I especially love his little smirk in the top right below.

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