Saturday, May 10, 2014

Excited About Dirt

(the dirt we are so excited about. Well I guess it is grass covered dirt)

It's been an exciting week around here! Ames finally has a real crib to sleep in,
we celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and we signed on a lot to build our house! 

Yes, our baby is almost 6 months old and finally has a crib. Since we knew we would be moving shortly after he was born, we held off buying one and just borrowed a bassinet and have had him in a pack and play since moving to Utah. Ames also went to his first baseball game and is loving his jumper these days. 

I can't believe we have been married 5 years! We packed up ourselves and the breast pump :) and headed to Midway for our first night away from Ames. We stayed at the Homestead and swam in the crater mineral pool there. It was great to get away but of course just as exciting to get back and see our little guy. I'm so lucky to have Landon. He works hard everyday for our family and has made all of my biggest dreams come true. I'm a lucky girl to have found him so soon in life. 

We are SO excited to be one step closer to owning our first home! We signed on our lot on Thursday and in about 2 months, after permits are acquired and plans approved by the city, they will start building. Our contract move in date is November 14! I think only 5 year old boys are excited as we are about some dirt. 
Of course I have been collecting ideas for my first house for years but it's fun to actually have plans to base my ideas and inspiration around. 

This is the layout of the exterior, but I've chosen some different materials and colors. 
Classic black and white has always been one of my favorite combos for home exteriors. I love the crisp, classic look of it. My dad will be doing natural stone work on part of the exterior and the rest will be white hardy board with board and batten accents. Then the plan is to accent with a black door, shutters, and lights. For now we are sticking with the basic black iron railing, but in the future I would love to do a fun basket weave railing like the one pictured in the top left below. 

Of course I've already come up with some inspiration for the interior as well. Here's some ideas for the kitchen and dining area...


  1. Those homes are beautiful! You are going to love designing and decorating your new home! I can't wait until we get to do that one day. And happy anniversary! That sounds like a fun five-year date! Our five-year is next year so we will have to do something extra special. And we are also thinking about having our new baby sleep in a pack and play/bassinet until we move because we will move six months after she is born and Jameson won't be ready for a toddler bed until then anyway!

  2. It will be awesome to see what you do with your new house! How exciting!