Thursday, May 29, 2014

E-Design Project - Boys Bedroom

I just wrapped up the design plan for a fun e-design project! My client has 3 boys that
all share this bedroom, plus a sister that likes to have sleepovers in their room :) They love sports, 
but mom didn't want the room to be too "themed" so we just added in a few sports themed accents and art to a more neutral overall look.
Here's the room before...

And here's the layout we decided on...

With 3 boys, plus sometimes sister, my client wanted to do 2 sets of bunk beds and she had already found these great ones. So we based the design around the bunks and a few inspiration pictures. Then I found this awesome rug to help us tie together a color scheme. 
Here's some of the pictures used for inspiration...

*pictures and source links here

Here's the final design plan I came up with...

I can't wait to see this room come together! My client has already started ordering some of the furniture, so I should have some after photos to share with you in the next few months. 

*permission obtained from client to share design and photos 


  1. She should check DownEast for that West Elm dresser. I see it there all of the time! Can't wait to see the final room!

    1. Yes I think I have seen it there too! Unfortunately this is an out of state client though.

  2. This is going to look so amazing! I love the idea of having two bunk beds so the sister can come in whenever she wants. I can't wait to see the final room!

    1. Thanks Chelsea! And thanks for being such a loyal follower!