Sunday, May 25, 2014

Attorney at Law

Another busy week around here! 
On Monday Landon was officially sworn in by the Utah State Bar as a lawyer. 
So, he is officially an attorney at law!
You've heard it before, but I'm so proud of all he has accomplished!
As you can tell, Ames was really excited about it as well...

Mr. Ames has been busy learning to sit up for more than 2 seconds.
 He's got it down pretty good now and can sit for several minutes all on his own. 
I love the picture below of him in his carseat.
 I gave him  a spoon while we were out to lunch which
 he absolutely loved. He fell asleep with it in hand on the way home.
AND... he's got one little tooth popping through on the bottom!
6 month stats at his check up were :
18.25 lbs (63%) 29 inch. long (99%) head -17.1 inch. (41%)

I was, again, busy doing a wedding.
I'll post some pictures later this week. It turned out really pretty.
I also got to hit up the design center and start picking finishes for our house. 
I'm like a kid in a candy store with that kind of thing. :) 

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