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My Baby Must-Haves - 0-3 months

Everyone has their own take on the "must-have" items for baby. 
Every mom and baby is different so some of these items may not be a great fit for you 
as they have been for me, but I liked looking at lots of different lists from different moms. 
Then you can pick and choose the items you think would be a good fit for you.

 Like I said, everyone is different, and there are probably items that will end up on your list 
that I would never put on mine.
 Many of these items I purchased after I had Ames and realized I needed or wanted them,
 but before I had him would have never purchased. 
So really there's no way you can ever have everything you'll need before baby comes. 
Just accept it :) 
 I think it's actually better to buy things as you need them. 
It prevents a lot of unnecessary purchases, especially in the clothing department :) 

So here are my top baby items that I've really loved having 
for the first few months with Ames…

 I love how the carseat clips into the stroller so easily 
and then once they are ready for the seat, it clips right in as well. 
You can also add a second seat down the road and make it a double stroller. 
I know a lot of people also love the City Select stroller, which is very similar to this one. 
I just liked that the B-ready works so well with the carseat and you don't have to get an adapter. 

I never thought I would end up with a PPB diaper bag, but when I saw this one I fell in love. 
I wanted something that I felt didn't clash if I was wearing patterns, 
but I still wanted something with a little style and personality. 
This has a fun black on black stitched pattern and gold hardware. 
I love it and feel like it doesn't clash with what I'm wearing. 
I know I'm weird and picky like that :)

You will be glad you have one of these in your diaper bag when your baby
has their first blow out while you are out and about.
I guess you could use any plastic bag, but I like that this can be washed and reused.
 It's also great if you cloth diaper or for a wet swimsuit. 

I'm picky if you haven't noticed, especially about baby toys. 
I love the more modern clean lines of this baby gym from Ikea.
It's also more versatile because you can add your own toys to it and switch them out. 

Ok, so I'm not in love with the looks of this swing, 
but it functions well and doesn't cost a fortune. 
It's not as big as a house like some swings, 
and it can fold up and be stored away if I don't want it sitting out all the time.
 I've toyed with the idea of sewing a new cover for it, 
but lets face it, that will probably never happen. I
f money weren't an object, I would buy this fun seat

Ames has always loved bath time, and I chalk it up to this baby tub. 
The design is genius. It's not a big bulky plastic thing that I have to find some place to store. 
It lays flat when not in use and because it uses magnets to fold up, 
I can stick it to the side of my fridge when I'm not using it. 
I use it in the kitchen sink, and now that he is bigger and can sit up a little better, 
I just tilt it to more of a seat position, rather than a cradle position and it works great still. 
It's also antimicrobial and dries super fast. 

With this dry Utah air, Ames definitely needs a humidifier at night 
or he wakes up really stuffy. 
This one is a little more expensive than some, 
but it resists mold and mildew and you only have to refill it every 2-4 days.
If you plan on having more than one child you will be using it for a few years as well, s
o I think it makes sense to get a good one. Costco has them for the best price. 

I know these have become a controversial subject,
but I think Ames sleeps much better with some background noise.
In my personal opinion and motherly instincts,
as long as it's not blaring on the highest volume right next to their head,
 I don't think it's a big deal. 

We have always swaddled Ames since day one. 
He just sleeps so much better when we do. 
Once he started getting bigger though, 
he could get out of his swaddle in the middle of the night
 and it would wake him up, so I tried one of these sleep sacks out and it is awesome! 

I don't really use these for swaddle blankets,
although I know a lot of moms who love them for that.
Ames liked to be swaddled in more cozy blankets because he was a winter baby.
Now that it's getting warmer though we use them a lot.
Spit up and laying them down for on-the-go diaper changes
are just a couple of the uses we have for them.
I know a lot of people also like the bamboo ones because they are so soft.
 I've actually ended up liking the original cotton muslin ones the best. 

I love all the fabrics available from this cute Etsy shop. 
They are gender neutral and you can buy individual bedding pieces 
rather than a set that you don't really need. 
I bought a hoppy cover and changing pad cover. 
I probably would have bought some crib sheets as well, 
but Ames is still in a pack and play while we are in transition mode from moving. 
So once he actually has a crib, maybe I'll order some :) 

The only kind of burp cloth you will ever want! 
The flannel ones with the crochet around them that you'll get at baby showers are cute,
 but they are worthless when it comes to saving your clothes from spit up. 
My mom and sister-in-law both gave me some of these diaper burp clothes 
and added some cute fabric embellishments to them. They are the best! 

I brought mine to the hospital but never used it 
until Ames was about a week or 2 old. I don't know what I was thinking!
 It was a whole new world nursing with this instead of regular pillow. 
It's much more supportive and makes nursing 100 times easier. 

You can get these at almost any store that sells baby supplies.
(Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc)
My sister in law recommended them and I never had to buy any other types for Ames to try.
They are basically the exact same binkies that they give babies in the hospital,
but these ones don't have the big circle that covers their whole face. 

I got one of these bottles as a sample from my OB, 
and when Ames didn't like the regular bottle nipple that came with my pump, 
I decided to try it out. He loves this bottle and won't take anything else. 
It's meant for breastfeeding mothers, so it has a much better shape to it. 
I just take out the mixer that comes in it since I'm not using it with formula.
 I've heard that some breastfeeding babies also like the Avent or Tommy Tippee bottles, 
but Ames really loves these. 
They are hard to find, and you have to order them online, 
but you do what you have to do for your baby right? :) 

I really recommend getting a breast pump, 
even if you plan on being a stay at home mom.
 It gives you relief in those first few weeks when you are overproducing
 and allows you to build up a freezer storage so that you can still get out of the house 
for a girls night or date night, or even a little overnighter :) 
I'm also still not great at nursing in public 
so if I know Ames will need to eat while we are out, I will pump a bottle for him. 
I researched and researched and decided on this pump. 
The only con is that it cannot be removed from the bag it comes in, 
but that's not a big deal to me. 
Also good to know is that most medical insurance will cover the cost of a breast pump! 

If you have a breast pump, you will definitely need these! 
No explanation needed really :) 

I would like to try reusable pads now that I'm not really leaking anymore, 
but when you are going through these babies like crazy in the first weeks,
 you will be glad you have disposable ones on hand. 
I tried the Target brand pads, but the name brand ones are definitely worth the extra $1-2. 
They are much softer and stay in place better. 

They say you really don't need to sanitize, 
just wash with soapy water or run through the dishwasher, 
but I like to sanitize bottles and pump parts every week or so 
just to give them a good refresher :) These are easy to use and really convenient.
 No boiling water! Just add a little water and microwave for 1-3 minutes. 

Most people like Dreft, but it's much more expensive 
and isn't for HE washing machines. 
I've really liked the ALL brand. 

Either of these are for sensitive skin and are dye free. 

Same as with the detergent, this is cheaper than Dreft stain remover, 
but is still for sensitive skin and is dye free as well. 

Simply the best bang for you buck in my opinion. 
They are good quality and a box will last you for quite a while. 

Pampers Diapers

Pampers have been my favorite so far. Especially the Swaddlers for newborns. 
I feel like every baby is so different though, so try a few different brands 
and see what works for your baby. 
Don't go buy all Pampers before your baby even gets here 
just because you heard they are the best. 
Pay attention to the weight recommendations as well. 
They overlap and sometimes it's best to switch to the next size
 before they hit the weight limit suggested. 
I learned this from experience with lots of blow outs until we moved up a size :) 

There are so many cute baby clothes, but honestly onesies, knit pants, and zipper jammies
are what you will want the most of for the first 3 months.
It's fun to have some cute outfits for pictures, but for everyday,
 those cute outfits are a pain when they spit up or blow out all over them
and you are changing their clothes 3 times a day :)
 So as hard as it is, don't buy a ton of jeans, sweaters, dresses, jackets, shoes, etc.
 until they are a little bit older. 
I will say that you do have to have at least one pair of little tiny jeans though :)
I love these ones because they are knit and comfy but still look like jeans. 
My favorite onesies with graphics or patterns are from Baby Gap
and my favorite white onesies are Carter's.
H&M also has some cute solid and striped ones.
I LOVE these knit pants from Gap. They always come out with new colors and stripes.
They are comfy and easy to get on and off as well.
Carter's, Gap, and Hatley have great zipper jammies.
Ames also has some jammies with magnetic closures that are really fun.
The brand is Magnificent Baby.

Ok I know this post is really long,
but I just have to throw in a couple things that I really didn't end up using
that I thought I would.
A sling and a nursing cover.

I used the sling (mine is a Baby K'tan) a couple times when he was really small
and basically slept all day, but for some reason I never really loved it.
 It was great when I had to take him on the airplane though, I will say that.
What I really want to try out is an Ergobaby.
I always had my eye on one but never ended up buying it.
That may be my next purchase. I think I would use it a lot this summer.
 Anyone out there have one and love it?

I've also never really gotten the hang of using a nursing cover.
 It just feels awkward to me so I never use it.
 I honestly wish I hadn't wasted my money :)

There you have it!
Hopefully this list helps you find some items you love
 to make those first few months with a newborn easier!


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  1. I agree with so many of these! We love Pampers, and will only use the Costco wipes. And that Shout stain remover has saved so many outfits for us!!!