Monday, March 10, 2014

In The Near Future...

One very exciting thing, that I've been dreaming about since I was little,
 is about to happen in a few months. 
We are buying our first house! 
Now that Landon is done taking the bar and has started full time at his job, 
we are finally going to make this dream come true. 
I've always imagined being able to have my own home to design and decorate. 
We are considering building our first home in a great starter neighborhood. 
It's near Landon's office and is actually near the neighborhood that we lived in and loved
when we were first married and in a basement apartment. 

Here's a peek at the floor plan we'll go with…

We'll see if this is the route that we end up taking, but whatever we choose,
I'm excited to start this phase of our life and find the home we will raise our kids in.
I'm also excited to start seriously looking at design and decor to use in our first home!
 Up until now it was always "someday," but now it's finally a reality.

Stay tuned for some inspiration and decor ideas I'm collecting for our new space! 

I'm also putting together a baby list of my must have items from these first months of being a mom. 

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  1. Lexie, that is so fun! I am super excited for you. Your house is going to be amazing! I hope you have a lot of fun putting everything together and picking out colors and carpet and all those great things. Good luck!!