Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In My Hospital Bag...

When preparing for the arrival of Ames, I had everything done way ahead of time. 
Just in case. :) 
That means my hospital bag was set and ready, except for the toiletries I use everyday, 
about 2 months before his arrival. 

Pretty much every first time mom seems to be this way, 
and we usually have no idea what to put in that bag. 
So, we scour the internet and ask everyone we know who's had a baby
 what we should take. 
So here is my list that you can add to your list of scoured lists :) 
This is the list of what I brought. 
The green items are those things I didn't end up really needing or using. 

For Me

Picture ID
Insurance Card
Birth Plan
Baby book or something for footprints ( I took (2) 8x10 pieces of white mat board)
Bag for placenta- zip lock and reusable grocery bag 

Sports bra and knit skirt - to wear during labor  
2 comfy pair of pants
Lightweight zip up sweatshirt
2-3 pairs socks
2 nursing tanks
Slippers & flip flops

Cosmetic Bag:
            Body lotion
            Hair elastics/brush
            Face wash & lotion
            Toothbrush & toothpaste
            Essential Oils

Lanolin cream and nursing pads
Boppy pillow
Sleeping pillow – with patterned or colored pillow case
Snacks & Gum
Relaxation Music & player
Nurse gift

For Baby
Going home outfit & blanket (including hat and socks)
Car seat and base already installed in car

Ok so now the explanation…

If you didn't already know, I had my placenta encapsulated, which was what the bag was for. But we didn't end up needing it because the pathology lab put it in a nice little container that you couldn't see into :) Also to note if you plan on having this done, we got lucky and got to take home the placenta because we stayed an extra day in the hospital. Usually you have to go back and get it after it has gone through the pathology lab. I didn't know this until it all happened and I wish I would have. 

I didn't end up wearing the comfy clothes during my stay. I did wear them home, but the hospital had these nice and comfy knit gowns for you to wear (not the same as the regular hospital gowns) that had access for nursing so I just wore those. But I'm not sure that every hospital has this luxury so you may want to play it safe and bring your own comfy clothes. 

The flip flops I never even wore. They were to wear in the shower, but I wasn't that concerned about it. But if you're a germ freak then you may want them :) 

The essential oils I wish I would have used. They were to help me relax and stay focused during labor and possibly use afterwards, but I didn't even think about it in the moment. Hopefully the next time this all comes around I will be better about pulling them out and trying them. 

The cream and nursing pads I didn't use because they provided the cream for me and you really don't need the nursing pads until your milk comes in which is usually after you get home. I also ended up using some other miracle ointment that I got from my lactation consultant that is WAY better than lanolin. Leave me a comment below if you're interested and I'll get you the info on how to get some. 

The music player wasn't really necessary. I just turned up the volume on my phone, but if you just have a little sound amplifier for your iPod you could use that. Or some people just like to have headphones. Just don't lug a big player. 

And really, only bring the items I listed for baby. It's all you need! They provide everything else! 
If you bring a ton of other clothes and blankets instead of just using the ones they provide, you are just making more laundry and work for yourself. I promise you won't want to do more laundry that first week :) The one and only item you may want to bring in addition is a pacifier. I didn't want Ames to have one in the hospital so I didn't bring one.

The one and only other thing I wish I would have had was a warm throw blanket for myself, but other than that I felt my list was complete! 

Good luck to you if you're a 1st time mom! It's one amazing roller coaster! And one last piece of advice… stay that extra day in the hospital if you can and take home all the goods you can. Those grannie panties, overnight pads, witch hazel pads, diapers, baby bath scrubber, and whatever else they'll let you have! 

(P.S. The cute bag pictured above is the actual bag I took. It's from Forever21!)

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