Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Motherhood is hard. The hardest thing I've ever done. 
The first two weeks of having Ames home I was a complete mess
 and was wondering what I got myself into. 
It wasn't anything like I'd imagined 
and I felt this distance between me and this sweet little boy 
that I never thought would be there. 
Fast forward to now, 3 1/2 weeks later. 
I hate that it had to start out that way, 
but I grew and learned so much mentally, physically, and spiritually. 
Things are so much better and I feel that amazing bond with my little boy that I longed to have. 
You really can't explain how hard and amazing being a new mom is. 
You just have to experience it. 

That being said, I know I have been horrible at blogging. 
But I honestly don't care :) 
I'd much rather be loving on my little boy. 
As I slowly start getting this mom thing down I promise I'll get back at it, 
but I can't say when that will be. 
Like I've said before, I hope you'll stick with me on this journey and stay tuned.

Thank you, thank you loyal readers! 


  1. The photo of Ames smiling and you guys blurry is priceless. Love love love it.

  2. Such beautiful pictures! He's so handsome, Lex!