Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 has been one amazing year! 

Here are some of the highlights that made it so great...

  • Quitting my job to stay at home, start up this blog/design business, and eventually be a mom
  • Becoming pregnant and giving birth to baby Ames 
  • Finding a love for riding bikes and discovering trails across Iowa
  • Landon graduating from law school
  • Running my first 5k
  • Making unforgettable friends and memories while living in Iowa 
  • Trips home to Utah and eventually our move back
  • Vacations to Mexico, Lake Powell, Nauvoo, St. Louis, and Minneapolis 
  • Landon's first deer hunt - which he will never be able to top! :) 
  • Adding several temples to my temple journal list

Everything we've been through and experienced this year has helped us to grow and change for the better. Not everything was perfect and we had many smiles, laughs, and tears. I look back and love every minute. This is a year that I will truly cherish for many years to come. I feel I have grown more in this one year than ever before. Goodbye 2013. You were so good to us, but I'm sure...

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