Saturday, November 16, 2013


We decided to take a little day trip last Saturday to Winterset, Iowa. 
You've probably never heard of this place, 
but you may have heard of The Bridges of Madison County
a 1995 American romantic drama film based on the best-selling novel by Robert James Waller.
Winterset is the home of these covered bridges and is also the birthplace of John Wayne. 

We were a little late for most of the leaves, but it was still so beautiful! 
There is a little tower set back in a forested park that you can hike to and look over the countryside. 

We had lunch in a little dive Mexican restaurant that was actually pretty good and then Landon also took me to the hunting property where he shot his deer, which isn't too far from Winterset. 

Our last stop was Mt. Pisgah
This is where a small settlement was established along the Mormon Trail from Nauvoo. 
It's been really fun to be able to visit so many of the LDS church sites while we have lived here. 

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  1. We went to Winterset (and took pictures in a lot of the same places as you!) last fall when I was pregnant, too! Of course, I wasn't 40 weeks pregnant, but it was still fun. It's such a beautiful place!