Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why I Support Regulated & Legal Hunting

Ok I'm going to throw out a random post for you and stand on my soap box for a minute. 

If you didn't know, it's bow hunting season, 
and last week Landon shot his first deer. 
He has become quite the hunting enthusiast since joining my family. :) 

I posted the picture below of him on my Facebook 
and of course received a wide variety of comments. 

Some people were impressed and excited about it, 
some people were concerned or upset, and some seemed to be offended by it. 

Now while I respect the rights of these people to feel however they want, 
I think that they should also respect the thoughts 
and rights of those who do responsibly hunt and become more educated on the subject. 

It is most definitely sad when any living thing dies, 
but regulated hunting actually prevents many animals from dying of disease 
and the destroying of habitat caused by overpopulation. 

Here are some other top reasons 
why I support regulated, responsible, and legal hunting :

1.  Hunters help make the environment better by contributing large amounts of time
 and money to conservation groups, run by hunters,
that work to increase wildlife habitat and population.

My own dad spends many hours out at his duck hunting property 
each season helping on projects that maintain the habitat for waterfowl.

2. Because of all the money hunters spend on hunting equipment taxes, 
hunting license sales, usage fees, equipment, hunting trips, and guide services, 
they actually contribute more to the preservation of animals 
and their habitats than those who are against hunting. 

3. My family actually eats what they hunt or they give the meat to those in need. 
Just like growing your own garden, 
hunting provides the satisfaction of working for 
and providing food for yourself, family, and others. 
Would you shun someone proudly showing off 
the produce they harvested from their garden?  

 4. My personal opinion, if you think hunting is inhumane, I sure hope you're a vegan. 
Have you seen how the animals you eat meat and animal products from are treated? 
Talk about inhumane. 
If you want to spend your efforts on stopping something, it should be that. 

And this is really just the tip of the iceberg. 

I hope I gave you a little something to think about. 

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  1. I agree with hunting too. I saw a documentary in high school that really illustrate your points. My husbands family hunts and eats the meat. However, I wonder if your friends were offended because of how graphic the picture is? I know I personally would have appreciated a cropped version of that photo.