Friday, November 8, 2013

Dress The Table - Guest Post

The talented, Ashley Stephens, is here to share another awesome, easy, and inexpensive 
DIY to help dress your Thanksgiving table…

Plus it includes a free printable! 

For the last year or so i have been really into buying cloth napkins. 
They come in lots of great colors and patterns,
 they are reusable, and just an all around great way to jazz up a table setting. 
Besides, they make you feel really grown up. ;)
Cloth napkins don't have to cost a fortune either. 
Between retailers like World Market, TJ Maxx, and Target, 
you can score really great ones for hardly any moola. 
Even west elm has great sales on them from time to time. 
(I have my eye on a metallic set from there...)
So, while i have been "collecting" my textile-based facial dabbers, twelve at a time, 
I have yet to acquire any napkin rings. 
I am currently too fickle and, ahem, spend money on 12 rings at a time.
 (especially when i just purchased a set of 12 cloth napkins from tj for only $14.)

Well, cost aside, that doesn't mean my napkins have to miss out on any napkin-ring-like goodness.
 And, while it may be a little more work, truth be known, 
i'm actually glad i had to come up with a fun work-around. 
These combine napkin ring features with the personalized detail of place cards!

Materials Needed:

- cardstock

- ribbon or twine

- scissors

- craft or utility knife

- cloth napkins


1. Print out the acorn file onto white or ivory cardstock 
and cut out as many napkin ring place cards as you'll have guests. 
( Click here for the printable acorn PDF

2. Write the names of each guest, one to an acorn.
(optional) for this project, i imagined using these during thanksgiving. 

so it would be a thoughtful touch to write a little "i'm grateful for you because..." 
message on the reverse.

3. Then use an craft or utility knife to cut two vertical slits, 
slightly longer than the width of ribbon you are using.

4. Pick the ribbon, twine, or string that you are using 

and cut them into 8" lengths. 
Then, from the back, insert the ends into each slit.

5.  Feed the cloth napkin through the loop created by the ribbon.

6.  Slide the napkin ring place card to the middle of the cloth napkin. 
Tighten ribbon and tie in a square knot and trim.

7.  Repeat for each guest.

I hope this diy has sparked your imagination. 
There are so many different ways you could tweak this project
 to work for any decor, season, or style! 
You could print christmas gifts and tie the ribbon as the bow 
so that it looks like the ribbon is tied on top of the present. 
Or what about a picture of the guest of honor 
with a bow in their hair or bow tie at their neck. 
Let your creativity run wild, and then throw a dinner party! 


ashley stephens

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