Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Giftwrap Roundup

Giftwrapping, especially at Christmastime, is an obsession of mine. 

I LOVE it.

It must be the creative side in me,
 but I'd rather wrap the gift all pretty than shop for the actual gift :) 
I love coming up with and finding new ideas to use each year. 
The bonus is that they are a great addition under the tree :) 

I've rounded up some of my favorite ideas for you to try out yourself. 
Some of these I will be trying out this year myself 
and some are tried and true from last year. 

The best advice I can give you is to buy a couple rolls of brown kraft paper. 
You can get it at any craft store
 or I found this website where you can buy it in bulk online
 if you really have a lot of gifts to wrap :) 
I have almost completely stopped buying patterned paper 
unless I find something really unique that I love, 
because you can do so many different 
and creative things just by adding to the brown paper.    

- so simple, but love that it adds some texture - 

- all you need is a stamp and some micro mini pom poms - 

- a sharpie and white paint pen can go a long way - 

- raid your craft stash and use tissue paper, yarn, 
and felt balls to brighten up your packages.
Here is a great tutorial for making your own yarn pom poms, 
and I always get my felt balls from this Etsy shop. -

- I made these last year and loved them! - 

- If you don't have access to wood to cut your own,
 I saw pre-cut ones for sale at Michael's. 
I can't wait to try this one out! -

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