Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Caravan Shoppe Ollibots

I'm starting off my DIY Gift Series with these cute little guys...

Say hi to the Caravan Shoppe Ollibots!

If you haven't discovered Caravan Shoppe, you're missing out! 

They have a variety of cute printable downloads to make your own toys, holiday decor, and more. 
I made these cute blocks last year. 

All you do is purchase the download, print it at your local copy store, and assemble. 
The download comes with great step by step instructions and tips.

I plan on keep a couple for Mr. Ames, but I'm also going to gift some as well.

 If you're going to try making these guys yourself, here's a few tips I have after doing it myself…

1. Have the download printed on full sheet label paper like they suggest. 
It makes assembling them so much easier! 
Then you can just cut the pieces out, stick them in place, and mod podge over the top.

2. Watch your magnets as they are drying! 
Magnets are attracted to each other if you didn't know :) 
so since most of the pieces have more than one magnet on them, 
they may start sliding out of place as they are drying. 

3. Order your blocks and magnets from, as suggested in the instructions. 
A couple of my friends wanted to make them with me, 
so we bought all of our blocks in one order, which saved us money 
and got us free shipping! 

4. This is really not a one day project. I ended up spending about 3 days making them.
The first day I cut out all the printed pieces.
The next day I stuck the pieces on the blocks and mod podged all of them.
The last day I glued on the magnets, which take about 30 min to dry.
It is a time consuming and tedious project, 
but actually pretty fun and the end result is totally worth it! 

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