Saturday, November 2, 2013

38 Weeks

Well it looks like Ames wanted to be a November baby after all.
No big news at my appointment yesterday either.
Everything is pretty much the same so
I'm starting to prepare myself that he may make us wait around :)

I guess the one new development is that I figured out how to install the carseat base!
Now there really is NOTHING left to do but wait.
Man this is a real lesson in patience for me.

If you don't mind I'll be sharing my weekly Thankful List on Saturdays for the month of November. 
I did this last year and am so glad I did! I hope you'll join me and make your own list. :) 

Day 1 : I'm thankful for a healthy body that has allowed me to conceive and carry this baby.

Day 2 : I'm Thankful for beautiful fall days. 

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