Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pregnancy Wardrobe

If you're like me you want to look cute while you're pregnant without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe. 
So today I'm sharing some tips with you on how to build a maternity wardrobe under $150 and still look good! 

I actually had a random stranger (who was a cute mom herself) come up to me at the store the other day and tell me that I was "such a cute pregnant person." It made me feel pretty good. :) 

You will need to buy a few maternity basics. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Maternity tees. These ones from Target come in lots of colors and I like the v-neck. I just got a basic grey and white because I can wear them under anything. 

2. A basic black jersey dress is great, especially if you need to dress up for church or another occasion. You can layer it with lots of cute jackets, belts, and accessories. 

3. Dark skinny jeans are always a must. These and my leggings are all I wear these days. 

4. Like I said, leggings. You can buy maternity ones if you want, but I've been just fine with regular women's.
A black and grey pair is probably plenty, but I also found some fun patterned ones on clearance in the socks and tights section of Target. 
 I also just got these fleece lined ones on ebay for $4.99! They will be awesome for winter and I can wear them after baby as well. 

5. This one isn't really necessary, but I've ended up wearing mine like crazy. 
This long sleeve tee is SO comfy and the perfect length. 
It's longer than the other t-shirts and it has a marled look which I love. It's almost a light sweater weight but can still be layered. 
Probably my most favorite maternity piece. 

6 & 7.  If you dress up every Sunday like me, you may want some more dress options. ASOS has some really cute dresses and other maternity clothing as well. I haven't purchased anything from them, but they definitely have some great options. 

8. The belly band really saved me from having to buy a bunch of maternity pants, which can be the biggest investment. 
You just slip it over the waist of your unbuttoned pants. 
Towards the end my pants started digging in to my belly when I would sit, so I don't wear it much anymore, but for the majority of my pregnancy it worked great. 

Now with these basics in hand you're ready to...

- Layer

You can still wear all of your same cardigans and jackets, so layer them with maternity basics.

- Belt

Adding a belt can really take you from just looking like you've gained a few, to a cute pregnant belly bump. It defines and adds a layer of interest to your look. 

- Think outside the box

Anything you already own that is a tunic or flowy style can still be worn! Get creative with the clothes you already have. I was surprised at how much of my closet I could still wear for most of my pregnancy. 

And if you buy any other new clothes besides the basics, don't be afraid to look at pieces, especially tops, that aren't necessarily maternity. I've purchased a couple regular women's tops while I've been pregnant that I'll be able to wear after baby.
(the yellow striped sweater tee, striped dress, and ikat tank I'm wearing above are not maternity pieces!)

You can do it! Pregnancy doesn't mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Just get creative and you'll be surprised at how many compliments you get ;) 

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