Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Packing It Up

Our move back to Utah is getting closer and closer, only 2 months away! Throwing a new baby in the mix is going to make packing a little difficult, so I started a few months ago packing a few boxes of accessories and things here and there. Then I got into baby mode for a couple months and now that we're ready for him, I feel like I need to start packing again.

 I've found some pretty good tips on good old Pinterest and I have some up my sleeve as well, but I'd love to know if you have any tried and true tips! 

Help a girl out and leave me a comment! 

Here are my favorites I've started collecting...

Print off labels for your boxes. You'll be surprised at how fast you get sick of writing the same thing a million times on a million boxes. Slapping some stickers on is much easier. 

Many of you have probably seen this one. It is genius. 
Section your closet out and slip garbage bags over each section. 
Then stick a zip tie or rubber band around the top of the hangers to keep them together. 

And some of my own tips are...

- DO NOT pay for boxes and packing supplies! Always check Craigslist and similar sites because 99% of the time people are giving away their moving supplies. 

- I have a friend who moved a few months before me and didn't use all of the supplies she had so I snagged them and stuck them in our storage closet for when we need them in a couple months. Just keep your eyes out because it seems like someone is always moving. 

- If you don't know anyone who is moving, many stores will give you their weekly shipment boxes. I learned this after working at J.Crew. 

- Rather than packing a linen box, use your linens to wrap around other fragile items.


  1. my advice from moving what seems like too many times, Do not save the kitchen and Bathroom to the end. There is too much stuff and then you are so tired you just dump stuff into boxes. Also by paper kitchen products (plates, cups, silverware etc) and use this the last few weeks or month. It just takes the hassle out of so many things near the end.

    1. Good tips! I like the idea to use paper kitchen products so you can pack things up sooner.