Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kitchen Corner

I recently had a reader send me this picture of her kitchen, begging for help to brighten up this corner with color and add some personality to the windows. 

So, dear reader, here are some ideas for you and any of my other readers who are in the same boat :)

- Add white trim around your windows to frame them out and add some interest and detail.
- Ditch the blinds for something with a little texture or color, such as a fabric or bamboo/woven roman shade.
- Clear the clutter and just display a small grouping of accessories.
- Add a pendant light

1/ 2/ 3/ A few small plants or accessories is all you need
4/ A great fabric option for a roman shade
5/ pendant light option
6/ Great packaging and scents makes Meyer's soap one of my favorites.
7/ pendant light option
8/ roman shade fabric option
9/ a sculptural bowl to display your fruits and veggies

via                                                                              via

Loving the pendant lights and roman shades in these two kitchens. 
One with a valance added and one trimmed with white moulding. 
Both great looks! 

One big thing to consider when adding roman shades or other window treatments is if you want them inside or outside mounted. 
This video gives a great description of both if you're not sure. 

If you have moulding around your windows or are planning to add it, an inside mount shade would be my choice. 
It has a really nice, finished look. 

I'm not usually a fan of cafe curtains, but I'm loving them in this kitchen. The shelf adds a nice stopping point for them and the pitchers and glassware displayed above are so fun! 

Another lovely roman shade via. This one has a more relaxed look.

via                                                                                via 

Natural woven shades are a great option as well. This site has great options and you can order free samples to see what color you like best in person. 

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