Thursday, October 17, 2013

Entryway Look For Less

I love this entryway I came across on Pinterest the other day, so I'm sharing my finds for how you can get this designer look for less! 

1 // Black Vase - $15

2// Red Boxes -
 these are pretty hard suckers to find. I was able to find the exact same ones that are pictured, but they are not cheap. 
Try $145 for one box! 
But to get the look for less you can find unfinished wood jewelry boxes at your local craft store and just paint your own. 
This DIY version would be under $20!

4// White Stool - $149

5// Mirror - $299

6// Reflective Lamp - $100

8// Sheepskin Rug - $30

You've also got a few more days left to order from the jewelry party! Head over here to check out all the fun Premier Designs. Party ends this Friday! 

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