Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Leggings

As I've said before, my mom is an amazing seamstress, and although I've done a bit of sewing here and there, I mostly stay away from the sewing machine. Straight lines and simple projects are usually as far as I go. 
I also like quick projects that I can finish in one day, otherwise I never seem to get around to finishing them. I would love to get to the point where I feel confident enough to make clothes for myself, but I figured baby clothes are a good place to start. Plus they are so cute and tiny, it makes it really rewarding. 

These are my first attempts. I am pretty proud of how they turned out!
 They definitely aren't perfect, but for not using a pattern, I think they are pretty good.
 I just traced some leggings and a little hat I already have for Ames and went from there. 
I also used a few tips from this tutorial for the waist and leg bands. It took me a while to finish them, especially the pants, because I had to unpick a few times, but I finished! 
If you want to try making your own I really like this tutorial by Melissa Esplin, and this one by Make It and Love It. 
If you really aren't a sewer, but at least know how to use a sewing machine, this tutorial using a women's knit pencil skirt is great too. You can find knit skirts at Forever 21 for under $8 or use an old one you already have! 

Speaking of fabric, I got my knit at Joann's. They don't have a great selection, but I was able to find a couple I liked. If you really want a great selection check out Spoonflower. They have SO many cute prints that you can order in knit cotton. 
It's a little more expensive, but you only need 1/2 yard at the most for a pair of baby leggings, so it's still much cheaper than buying a $30 pair from someone on Etsy who wasn't scared of sewing them :) 

Now get to it! I know you can do it! 

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