Saturday, October 5, 2013

34 Weeks

6 weeks until due date! Crazy crazy! 

I'm finishing up my hospital bag and then we are pretty much set to go. 
I had another doctor's appointment yesterday and I asked if I was measuring big outside since they say Ames is big, but apparently my belly is right on track. :) So we'll see how big he really ends up being. 

We are planning to go on one last little getaway before he comes over Landon's fall break. Since we moved to Iowa, we've gone to Nauvoo every October. Then on our way home we stop at this cute pumpkin patch and get our Halloween pumpkins for the year. I will miss this fun little tradition! 


I've had a few requests for the cute pattern my mom used for Ames' baby quilt. It's from this book...

The actual pattern she used from it is called the Modern Baby Quilt.


  1. Are you going to do a hospital bag post? Not that I need it... It's just good info to store up on. :) Your mom is so talented. The apple didn't fall far from the tree!

    1. Yes I will definitely do one! It will probably be after he is born though so I can share what I really found useful that I brought. Thanks Chelsea!