Thursday, September 19, 2013

O.C.D. by Ali

Ali is one of the cutest ladies I know and she has a knack for organizing, which led her to start her business, O.C.D. by Ali ( O is for organized, C is for clutter-free, D is for design).
Such a fun name don't you think!? Be sure to check out her blog where she shares client before and afters as well as weekly organization tips.
 I'm excited to have her share some fun tips for my readers today! 


Thank you for letting me take a minute and talk about my cup of tea.

I love to organize and I have found that there are different types.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my favorite is, MULTI-USE organizing.

If you are a fan of Real Simple magazine you know they have a section in the back with multi-function items. This is and was my favorite section when I discovered it way back in Junior High. It seems like every time I look at that section I’m amazed, and also think to myself - I could have thought of that.

I love coming across materials with a double use or even triple.

Here are a few of my recent favorites...

Store garbage bags on a curtain rod for easy accessibility. 

Use office organizers for a clutter free kitchen!

You won't have to spend a penny to organize the kiddies' art supplies! Plastic cups and a muffin tin will keep them wrangled nicely. You could also spray paint the muffin tin a bright color to personalize it a bit more. 

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