Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mini Nursery

As I've said before, since we will be moving in about 3 months, our little Ames won't have a nursery for a while. For now I've transformed a little corner of our bedroom into his temporary "mini nursery."
The top of our dresser, my sock drawer, and a section of my closet, have turned into a changing table and clothing storage. We're getting closer and closer to being completely ready!  

This experience has been really good for me. 
I've really been able to focus on what's most important and not stress over things that don't really matter. It's made me cut back and realize what the necessities for having a newborn really are. 

I've still had fun making fun little things like the artwork and mobile, but it's honestly nice not to have an entire nursery overwhelming me. Although it would be nice to have more storage space :) 
A big thanks to my friend Karissa for letting us borrow her bassinet for a couple months! 

Well I'll stop talking now and just show you the fun part, the pictures...

See my tutorial for the animal menagerie artwork here.
The mobile was super easy to make.
 I used felt balls from this Etsy shop. You can choose from a bunch of colors and you get 100 for $28 or 50 for $14.50. Then I just strung different lengths from a wooden embroidery hoop.