Wednesday, September 25, 2013


As I sat watching this beautiful wedding video, it brought back memories of my own wedding day. What an amazing and special thing marriage is and to be able to have that for eternity is an even greater blessing.
I have to say, I bawled through half of this video, probably mostly due to my emotional, pregnant state lately :), but I was really touched by the spirit confirming to me the importance of my temple marriage, and now this sweet little spirit we have on the way that will be ours forever because of that choice we made.
 I feel so, so blessed, especially at this time in my life for the choice I made to marry Landon. What a wonderful man he is and I can't wait to raise this little boy with him. 
If you want to know more about what my beliefs about marriage are you can read more here


  1. Don't you worry that posts like this may alienate your readers? I love your blog and your amazing taste! I'm not Lds and thought this read a little preachy/ holier than thou. Maybe that's ok with you, I just wanted to lend another perspective.

  2. Thank you for your perspective Jamie. I'm sorry if my post and other posts come across that way. That is not the intention. I've always wanted my blog to be a place I can share not only about my love of design, but many other aspects of my life, including my beliefs. Sort of my own little missionary tool. I completely respect anyone who is not LDS, but want to share the blessings I have received in my life from being a member. I don't mean to alienate anyone who is not a member, which is why I always try to include links to where readers can learn more about what I believe, even if they don't agree.
    Thanks for being a follower of the blog. I hope you'll continue to stop by!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Lexie! It was beautiful. I think it is great that you share not only wonderful design but also some really inspirational and uplifting messages on here. LOVE everything about this blog.