Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Decor

Well I've shared my favorite fall fashion and recipes, so I'm here to finish out my series with my favorite fall decor. 

As soon as it starts to feel like fall outside, I can't help but put up my decorations, which include Halloween decor. 
So yesterday, that's what happened. Yes, I know it's only half way through September, but I couldn't help myself. I love this time of year. I also say, if you love it, you're the one who lives with it, so do it! Don't worry about everyone else's opinion. 

I really don't shop at home decor stores much for my seasonal decorations. I actually love to get them at craft stores such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby because you can use their 40-50% off coupons. Everyone once and a while, if I find a great deal or something I'm absolutely in love with, I'll shop at places like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and home decor boutiques. And of course I always look at my go to, TJMaxx. 

I'm also a crafter, so I like to make at least a few of my own decorations and I also love to use natural decor such as fresh pumpkins and twigs and berries from outside. 

Get creative, add one or 2 items to your collection each year, and you'll be surprised out how inexpensively you can decorate your home. 

#1 - This wreath was my craft for this year.
 I just finished last night and will be sharing a tutorial for you later this week! 

#2 - These spooky plates are from West Elm. Lauren, the winner of the West Elm Giveaway, purchased 4 of these with her gift card! 

#3 - A faux leaf garland is a staple for fall decor. You can keep it up from the beginning of September until the end of November, and you can always mix it up each year and add lights or other fun things to it. A mantle, windows, or doorways are great places to add these. 

#4 - Little creatures are fun to add to garlands and wreaths. These are from West Elm. 

#5 - This cute bunting was my project last year. I switched up the colors of mine a bit, and I love it! 
Super easy to make! I zig-zag stitched the bunting triangles to the twine, but you could use glue and it would be a no sew project! 

#6 - I don't have many knick-knacks, but Lori Mitchell's figurines are adorable! They are my one exception. I have 2 of her Halloween trick or treaters that I love putting out. 
Just don't overwhelm your house with this type of decor. 

Overall, I would say I try to stick with just a couple of little vignettes of decor. Usually, one on my mantle, my kitchen table, and of course a couple of wreaths. I always love to use Martha Stewart magazines for inspiration. Less little knick-knacks scattered randomly everywhere, and more artful groupings.

Here's a peek at some of my decor this year...

I LOVE my Yankee Harvest Candle. As soon as it starts feeling like fall I pull it out. Definitely one of my top candle scents. 

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