Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You Can Afford to Shop at J.Crew!

Hi, my name is Lexie and I have champagne taste and a beer budget. There you go. I will admit it. 

Many of you may have a similar problem. 

When people ask me where I like to shop, I often get embarrassed because my favorite stores are a little pricey. A lot of my clothes are from J.Crew & Anthropologie. 
I worked at J.Crew for over a year so that didn't help ;) 

I'm willing to spend more on my clothing because quality, construction, and unique details matter to me. 

When shopping at higher end stores, you do have to be willing to care for the clothing as the tag says it should be. That means you will probably have a dry cleaning bill and do some hand washing. For me it's worth it though. 
(Although you can avoid this, just look at the tag before buying - not everything has to be dry cleaned or hand washed at these stores)

I have had the 2 pieces below since I was 17. I still wear them and they still look great.  

Now the point of this post is that you can shop at these nicer stores even if you are on a tight budget. 
It's called sale shopping ladies! 

When I worked at J.Crew and we did end of season 40% off sales, people were buying high end clothing for Target prices while many of you were actually buying Target quality at Target. :) Sorry to break it to you. 

(Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Forever21 or Target when I want to buy a trendy fur vest or tribal print sweater. )

Don't be afraid to go into high end stores just because everything is originally $50 and up.
 Just head to the sale section. The best times to do this are right before Christmas (J.Crew has great deals at this time), after Christmas, and at the end of the Summer. 

You can also ask stores when they do mark downs so you can be there to get first picks.
As a personal stylist at J.Crew I had a list of clients that I would call specifically when we had markdowns or additional percentages off and they would head right in to check it out. Talk about personalized service! :) 
The clients I had good relationships with, I would also pull items for in their size right as they were being marked down. 

Use the system to your advantage! 

  • Don't forget that J.Crew also has a 15% student and teacher discount that can be applied to sale items!
  • J.Crew will price match their online prices in the store - sometimes things are cheaper online than in the store, and sometimes the store has more sizes than online or vice versa
  • If a J.Crew item gets a hole or something happens because it is defective, they will replace the item for free! (within a reasonable amount of time since purchase) 

So now that I've got you pumped about sale shopping, here are some of my favorite sale finds that you can purchase right now at Anthropologie and J.Crew. 
All $30 and under! 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

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