Friday, August 9, 2013

Project Stay Happy

A fellow design blogger, Danielle, of Danielle Oakey Interiors, has started this amazing project.
Project Stay Happy is devoted to helping pregnant women in hospitals who are on bed rest.
Danielle is accepting cash and gift donations that she will use to put together gift packages for these women to help lift their spirits.

 She herself was on hospital bed rest for 10 weeks with her second child. I can't even imagine how restless, bored, and discouraged you would get sitting in a hospital that long and yet hoping each day that your baby stays put.

This is such a great project!

If you have an ETSY shop, a creative skill, or just want to donate, please email Danielle at
She's looking for things such as baby leggings, mobiles, hats, homemade stuffed dolls/animals, prints for the nursery, art, pillow cases, jewelry for mom, hair bows, turbans, baby wraps, stationary, gift wrapping, etc. You know... the fun stuff!

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