Thursday, August 1, 2013


When it comes to interior design and fashion, I'm a gold lover. I love gold finishes, accents, and accessories as I'm sure many of you do. 

I have long been searching for the perfect gold spray paint to add a little gold in my own home. Everything I've tried has been too brown, too yellow, or not metallic enough. 
That is until I found this gem...

Unfortunately I have only been able to find it in this short cuts size, even online, but it is THE perfect gold spray paint. It dries amazingly fast as well which is a huge bonus. 

I tried this, which I thought would be the same since it's made by Krylon, but it was basically a huge was of money. Way too brassy and yellow for my taste. 

So for now I will stick with my short cuts :) 

Here's a few of the little projects I've used it on lately...

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