Saturday, August 3, 2013

25 Weeks

This little boy has been moving around like crazy this week! I think feeling him move has been one of the best parts of being pregnant. 

I also finally decided to learn more about the name we have chosen, Ames. Apparently it's not even on the top 1000 names list so I was happy about that. I feel like it's an uncommon name but not a weird name. I guess I'm biased though :) It is also a French name and means "friend." I think we picked a good one!

It's a good thing I have lots to spare because my hair has been shedding just as much if not more than it did before I was pregnant. I find my hair EVERYWHERE and could vacuum daily and still not get it all. 

Lower back pain and leg numbness have set in the past 2 weeks. Thankfully on Tuesday the little babe decided to move out of my back or something magically changed and I haven't had the back pain for a couple of days, but if I stand for 30 min or longer the tops of my thighs go completely numb and I have almost a burning sensation. So glad I'm not working retail anymore. 

Honestly that's been the worst of it though. I have been really lucky to have a pretty easy pregnancy compared to a lot of women. I really can't complain at all. 

I'm still doing lots of reading on my natural birth plans. I would love to hear any success stories from you ladies that have had natural births! 

I've sort of come to realize that people are either very uninformed (which I find sad) about birth and they just show up at the hospital and hand themselves over, or they are way too informed and think they know more than any doctor out there.

Hopefully I'm neither of these, but somewhere in the middle; knowing my options and being informed, but knowing that I don't have a degree in child birth. 

I've also been making more time for my artwork and practicing my calligraphy and I have been loving it! I put on my "relaxation" music (don't make fun) and I'm off. 


  1. Elisha (sp?) at Canterbury named her baby boy Ames! Small world. If I'm remembering correctly they chose that because it was a family name. I think it's absolutely darling!