Monday, July 8, 2013

St. Louis

Landon and I were feeling pretty lame because we had no plans for the 4th, so on a whim we decided to pack up and head to St. Louis, MO for the weekend! Our friends Braden & Whitney are living there right now while Braden is going to law school and they were gracious hosts and tour guides to us! 

We had an awesome time and were able to do lots of fun things while we were there. 
There was an awesome fireworks show and free Trace Adkins concert under the arch, we hit up a Cardinals MLB game, a bike ride around Forest Park, St. Louis Art Museum, yummy food, and of course I had to stop by the temple on our way home so I can add it to my list! 

Much better than sitting at home doing who knows what on the 4th! 

St. Louis is a beautiful city and is definitely a fun place to go see. Add it to your list if you haven't been! 

And thanks again to Braden & Whitney for hosting us!

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  1. You're so sweet! We had so much fun and we're SO happy you came! Thanks again!