Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Arrivals- West Elm

Who doesn't love West Elm!?
I just got my catalog in the mail yesterday, and I'm loving some of the new arrivals!
I've always loved their bedding. My duvet is West Elm and I just got these new sheets in the mail. Love them! 
All bedding is 20% off right now so it's a great time to refresh your nightly slumber :) 
I can't wait until we're back in Salt Lake and I can check out things in person at the store! 

Here's a roundup of my favorite new arrivals from the catalog...

-They have some great new fabric choices for their upholstered pieces. Loving the blue performance velvet on this Paidge Sofa (#3) 

- Can't go wrong with black and brass (#4) 

- I'm thinking #7 would be a fun little accessory in Ames' nursery.

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