Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby Body

I absolutely love this post by Ashley of the blog Birds of Ashmae.

Because I've never been the "skinny girl" I've always worried about what my body will look like after having a baby. This whole pregnancy I've tried to be very conscious of how much weight I'm gaining, eating healthy, and exercising. 
As much as I still think being healthy before, during, and after pregnancy is, I think my view has changed a little about my body image post baby. I think many women who can't have children would gladly gain a few stretch marks and pounds to have a little one they gave birth to. 
So, today I'm going to change my view of my body in relation to this pregnancy. I will love it for its imperfections afterwards because it is evidence that I carried a little one inside me that I love so much. 

"I want us to be evidence of very real things because I think that is part of our love." - Ashley Mae 

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  1. I have a beautiful peony print from her. She is so talented. I love this post too, you'll be beautiful no matter what.