Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Arranging Store Bought Flowers

I am LOVING this post, by Erin of the blog House of Earnest
on how to arrange store bought flowers.

As a previous florist I have to admit I cringe inside a little bit when I see a vase of flowers that are still in the shape of the cellophane they were wrapped in, just plopped in a vase. 
You're really not doing the flowers justice and they aren't going to last very long with all those dirty leaves and such hanging out in the water. 
Market bunches from the store usually consist of very cheap flowers such as mums, lilies, and a LOT of filler greenery. 
It makes them look even more cheap when you just leave them in a big wad. 
So PLEASE go read this great post and turn your market bunch from Costco
into something that looks worthy of a florist! 

Also from experience, here are a couple of my own tips for making your flowers last longer...

- Recut the stems every couple of days, about an inch.

- Use the flower food you get with the flowers, but make sure you follow the food to water ratio. Too much or too little food can actually kill your flowers faster. 

- If you buy lilies, pull off the end of the stamen (the part that produces pollen) as soon as your lilies are open enough to see them. This will prevent the lilies from dropping that pollen everywhere and staining tableclothes, clothing, etc. 

P.S. if you ever need a real florist for a wedding or event be sure to contact La Belle Fleur.
Stacie and her team do amazing work!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Love these tips. :)