Saturday, July 13, 2013

22 Weeks

 This little guy is definitely making his presence known!

Ames Landon Sandberg
 is the name we have chosen, and although I don't know how else you would pronounce it, I have been asked, so I'll just tell you now. It is pronounced "Aims." It's actually a city in Iowa, but I had heard the name and liked it before we even moved here. 
So I guess it can be our little tribute to Iowa :)

Also to note: Landon finally felt this little guy move this week. It's so fun to see him get so excited about it :)

I stopped by a children's consignment store and found some fun little shoes and a Baby Gap sweatsuit. The Polo onsie is from TJMaxx, and the fun little doxie bum sleeper is from a baby boutique here in Iowa called Lincoln and Lexi. 

But seriously... it is SO HARD to find cute and affordable boy clothes. Baby retailers need to step it up! I'm sorry but I don't want creatures, characters, and cheesy sayings all over my baby's clothing. 

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  1. Yay for natural birth :). I'm excited for details when we get back!