Friday, May 24, 2013

Rainstorms & Roadtrips

My wonderful mom was in town in this past week and we had lots of fun planting flowers, antique hunting, and road tripping to Minneapolis. 

(Thor waiting for Grammie @ the airport. He loves her!) 

We had lots of crazy weather while she was here including our first tornado warning since living in Iowa. A little freaky, but it seemed like a dinky little rainstorm after seeing the devastation in Oklahoma. I can't even imagine! Praying for those poor people. 

We went crazy and planted tons of flowers and a tomato plant out on the deck. It makes it so cheery, I just want to sit out there all day. My mom has quite the green thumb as I've mentioned before, so I had to take advantage while she was here :) 

Our adventures also included trips to Omaha and the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul). We hit all 3 (yes 3!) Anthropologies that are within 10 miles of each other. Talk about dangerous. There is also a temple just outside of St. Paul, so we planned on spending Tuesday morning there, only to find out that it's only open on certain days because it's a pretty small temple and not busy enough to be open all the time. Those of you who live around so many temples that are open pretty much whenever you want to go are so lucky! 

Iowa has millions of antique shops so we hit up a few of those and I found this cute little green kids chair to put in the someday nursery/playroom. Speaking of nursery, I'm a little sad because I probably won't be doing a nursery for our little one until sometime next summer at the soonest. Baby is due in mid November, we move at the end of December, then we will be renting for a few months until Landon takes the bar in February and starts working. So, with all that craziness, there really isn't any point in doing a nursery. Being an interior design addict with my first child on the way makes this a very hard fact to accept :) 

P.S. Kind of random, but I have been wanting to take a picture of this barn to watercolor forever and yesterday I finally did. Can't wait to get started!

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