Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wishbone Chairs

Ever since we studied Hans Wegner in my modern furnishings class, I have been obsessed with his wishbone chair. My dream is to have 4 of them around my dining table with 2 upholstered end chairs. A true Wegner replica will cost you at least $1000, so I have been searching for more affordable options. They come in many different colors and finishes, but my favorite is the natural finish. The best price I have found is this one from Overstock for $151. Pretty awesome deal. 

Well, while I was in Las Vegas during Spring Break, I stopped by the TJMaxx in Henderson and found 2 of these beauties in all their glory for $100 each! Can I just tell you how sad I was to leave them behind. I was trying to think of any way I could get these babies home, but alas, it wasn't going to happen. I hope someone gives them a good home because they are beautiful in all their Danish glory. 

By the way, shopping for clients at Homegoods made me so sad that we don't have one in Iowa! You should feel lucky you Utahns :) 

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