Friday, April 5, 2013

Ottoman vs. Coffee Table

Choices, choices, and more choices.

That's what designing and decorating a home is all about. Choosing an ottoman or a coffee table for your living or family room is one of those many choices. So how do you choose? Let's discuss.


-comfy spot to put your feet up
-kid friendly
-adds warmth to a space


-can be visually heavy
-no place to put your drink 
-harder to clean

Coffee Table

-fun space to show off books, flowers, accessories
- Usually pretty easy to clean
- Perfect for the family room dinner eaters :) 


- doesn't say kick back and relax
- causes more bumps and bruises
- can be a clutter magnet

But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

I love the look of layering a coffee table and ottoman. In my own living room I have an ottoman and a small side table that sit side by side and I love it! Your only challenge will be finding two pieces that work well and are the right size for each other. 

What's your vote? Ottoman, coffee table, or both? 

Layer one large ottoman, or use two small benches or stools 
and layer next to or under your coffee table 

*you can find all of the ottomans and coffee tables I have pictured on my Pinterest board*

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