Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is It The End For Stainless?

If you're replacing old kitchen appliances or remodeling/building your dream kitchen, does your mind immediately go to shiny, new stainless appliances? 

Well you may want to take a look at a couple of the newest trends first. 

White finishes are on the rise again, this time with a more modern look, with stainless hardware. 
With light and bright kitchens being so popular right now, I think a white finish on your appliances can really give your kitchen a seamless look, rather than having stainless appliances that are the center of attention because they contrast against your white cabinetry. 

I'm loving these kitchens where they've used white appliances...

If you're going with darker cabinetry, GE has also recently come out with a new matte finish called Slate. It has a similar look to stainless without all the upkeep and finger prints.

Rachael Ray is sporting it in her studio kitchen...

What do you think?
Would you still stick with stainless? 


  1. I am with you on the light and open feeling of white all over the kitchen :) And fingerprints on stainless has always been an issue for me...

  2. We got stainless steel appliances and I HATE them! With kids it just can not be done. They just look dirty all the time. They scratch, mark up and get fingerprints so easily. We have dark cabinets so I like the slate. Next time ;)