Thursday, April 11, 2013

How To Choose An Area Rug

Have a patterned sofa or chairs?

Not sure how big it should be? 

Not sure where to look?

I'm here to help. 

Choosing an area rug can be hard, especially if you are working with existing furniture. Here are my top tips to help you out. 

1) Don't be afraid to mix patterns.
Just because you have a patterned sofa doesn't mean you have to have a solid rug. In my post on how to mix patterns over on Dream Till Green, I address the basics on how to make it work. 
But remember that if your rug and sofa are patterned, you probably want to keep any other large pieces such as an ottoman or chairs in a solid fabric.

2) The bigger the better.
Your area rug should encompass the entire sitting area, not just sit under the coffee table or ottoman. Make sure, at the least, that all the front legs of your furniture grouping are on the rug.
(Here is a great post that goes into more depth about how big your area rug should be depending on where in your home it's going)

Layered rugs are a big trend right now. Try layering a large area rug with a cowhide or another fun rug that adds a little character. This idea is great when you like a busy rug but don't want it to take over the entire room. Buy it in a smaller size and layer it over a solid rug.

3) Try it out
Many places will let you take home a sample or even the actual rug for a trial run. Try out some different options before committing. 

4) Opt for a quality material 
Synthetic rugs tend to look cheap and wear out faster. A wool rug, or at least a wool blend is your best option. It may shed a bit at first, but it's worth it. If you're opting for a lighter colored rug, wool is also great because it repels dirt really well. 

Some of my favorite places to shop for rugs are:

Urban Outfitters (for smaller rugs)
Home Goods

I've also put together a few little furniture groupings for you to show you how I would style a room around 3 different rugs.


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