Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Good Life

I hope you don't mind if I post about what's going on in this little life of mine every once and a while for my friends and family, who I hope still follow me even though I've switched to business mode.

Iowa has been good to us and I can't believe we will be leaving in December! Time has flown by. This has been such a great experience for Landon and I. We have grown closer and have enjoyed our time here. 

There are tons of bike trails here so about a month ago we both finally got bikes and have loved getting out on them when the weather cooperates. It's been pretty cold here this Spring but has finally started warming up this weekend and we are loving it! 

Last week I managed to make strawberry jam, and it even turned out without the help of my amazing mom. Before we moved out here I made some with her, but it was long gone several months ago, so I am happy to have my freezer stocked again. 

Landon finished his monster project final for estate planning on Friday after weeks of putting it together, so we finally got to get out and go have some fun together. We went golfing, cooked hot dogs on the grill (it was actually warm enough to sit on our deck and eat. yay!) and Landon treated me to some shopping at J.Crew since I have been doing really well with my shopping addiction since I quit working there :) 

(my J.Crew purchase)

It was great spending time with him and even when we aren't out having elaborate dates I always wonder how I could end up with such a perfect husband. It's just hard to explain the love I have for him and the bond we have. I hope you're lucky enough to have this with your own spouse and then you'll know what I mean. We were just meant to be together. 

Ok sorry to get too sappy on you...

Finally, on April 20th I ran my first 5K! Ok I walked for about a minute of it (but in my defense, I can walk just as fast as some people run because of my lerpy legs), but I made a great finish and could have sworn I only ran a mile. Probably because I've been running on a treadmill and treadmills stink, so actually running outside with other people made it much easier. 

(really bad picture of me! I'm not one of those girls that looks pretty after running) 

Well I hope you will stay tuned for more updates and of course all things interior design!

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