Monday, March 4, 2013

Kitchen Storage & Design

Sometimes the kitchen is the last place we think about in terms of interior design, but I think it is where a designer's skills are truly put to the test. That's the difference between a decorator and a designer, being able to actual design a functional space not just make it pretty.

In a kitchen it's all about function and then about beauty in my opinion. There are many other areas in the home where I am willing to sacrifice function for beauty, but not in the kitchen.

I recently picked up the January/February 2013 edition of Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen + Bath Ideas. It has some great ideas for kitchen design whether you're remodeling or just trying to make your kitchen more functional as is. (I would highly recommend purchasing this magazine! It's on shelves until March 11 so hurry fast!)

I especially love the article on page 22 about Kitchen Storage. My favorite quote is from Janice Patte, a certified kitchen designer in Indianapolis. She says, 'You don't just put in a cabinet and then decide what belongs there, it's the other way around- you have to know what needs to go in each area, and then build the storage plan around that.'

The kitchen is definitely one place that many people could benefit from hiring a designer (if you're remodeling or building) or professional organizer (if you are working with what you have). There are so many ways you can be maximizing space if you just ask for a little help.

Here are are a few gadgets and design ideas I'm loving...

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4.  Drawer Separators for Utensils 

7. Pull Out Garbage - One for recyclables and one for trash

 9. Garbage & Recycling Chutes to the Garage

10. Try the One Month Box Challenge to clear your drawers

11. DIY Spice Containers that will fit in a drawer

13. Island Storage

14. Garbage Chute Cutting Board

15. Decor for that dreaded above the cabinet space
(so much better than clutter or silk plants :))

16. Another option: Baskets above if you need the extra storage

17.  Great way to end the backsplash

18. Produce & Bread Drawers

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